Article 7 of the NYS Agriculture and Markets LawÂ

119. Violations.

1. It shall be a violation, punishable as provided in subdivision two of this section, for:

a) any owner to fail to license any dog;

b) any owner to fail to have any dog identified as required by this article;

c) any person to knowingly affix to any dog any false or improper identification tag, special identification tag for identifying guide, service or hearing dogs or purebred license tag;

f) any owner or custodian of any dog to fail to confine, restrain or present such dog for any lawful purpose pursuant to this article;

g) any person to furnish any false or misleading information on any form required to be filed with any municipality or the commissioner pursuant to the provisions of this article or rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto;

h) the owner or custodian of any dog to fail to exercise due diligence in handling his or her dog if the handling results in harm to another dog that is a guide, hearing or service dog.

2. It shall be the duty of the dog control officer of any municipality to bring an action against any person who has committed within such municipality any violation set forth in subdivision one of this section. Any municipality may elect either to prosecute such action as a violation under the penal law or to commence an action to recover a civil penalty. A violation of this section shall be punishable, subject to such an election, either:

a) where prosecuted pursuant to the penal law, by a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars.