The patrol unit of the Haverstraw Town Police Department consists of two patrol lieutenants, nine patrol sergeants, and approximately twenty-five full time and up to six part time sworn police officers. From that mix, at different times of the year and depending on requirements, the staff and various divisions draw officers for various interesting details. We staff the detective divisions "Street Crimes Unit" assist the "Youth Division", provide a "School Resource Officer" for North Rockland High School and a "D.A.R.E. Officer" for the Willow Grove School, all with patrol officers.

Patrol CarThe patrol unit of the Haverstraw Town Police Department covers all the basic police functions that most people associate with common police work. Covering a suburban community, our patrol unit is tasked with a normal patrol function, felony, misdemeanor and violation arrests, vehicle and traffic enforcement, initial crime investigations, response to all complaints to determine a course of action best to resolve matters and all other related police work. The patrol unit is routinely tasked to support special events, provide emergency response to natural disasters, and provide first response to medical emergencies and community policing on a regular basis.